Strange Situation by Bethan Saltman, being held on a white ledge with a window in the background

Book Review: Strange Situation – A mother’s journey into the science of attachment by Bethany Saltman

This book is one of the most frank illuminations of the tenderness of motherhood I’ve ever read. It also is a wonderful layman’s exploration of the science of attachment. 

For most of us, the territory of motherhood comes with incessant worry about not doing motherhood “right”, the fear that we are messing up our children, and the sense that we could be closer with our children but do not know how to get there. These are all themes beautifully addressed and tended in this book. 

Mother or not, you will learn a lot about yourself and how you love, and what gets in the way of being close and connected to those you hold most dear and give you hope and practical actions to course correct your ways of being.

Read this, read something else, but read—reading is a practice that is good for your brain, good for your nervous system and good for the part of you that is overloaded by fast moving info-bytes; reading is a “right speed” activity.

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