Book Review: The Power of Discord by Claudia Gold and Edward Tronick

Why the ups and downs of relationships are the secret to building intimacy, resiliency, and trust

By Claudia Gold MD and Ed Tronick PhD

This research-filled and rich-with-anecdotal evidence book illuminates one of my favorite beliefs, that leaning towards conflict and allowing discord makes for stronger relationships. 

It also speaks to another beloved subject; neutral. In the extensive “still-face” research they present, it is easy to see how the pull backs we so often do in relationship under stress is NOT NEUTRAL, it feels so to the actor but creates a significant stress response in the person receiving the non-neutral neutrality that we offer each other under stress. Understanding how we create the negative dynamics with our most beloved people and how to shift this is all in here.

Read! Anything! Taking back your attention span by feeding yourself words– at the sane speed of reading text– is a gift to your mind, your brain and your nervous system and a rebellious act to the common state of overwhelmed by information most of us are in.

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