Book Review: Out of Africa

Out of AfricaThis is kind of an anti-book review and an opportunity to share a tiny example of my personal decolonization work. Some months ago, in preparation for a trip to South Africa, I decided to read Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen; such a classic and somehow, I’d never read it. I had seen

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Book Review: Sun House

If you read one book in 2024, please make it Sun House by David James Duncan. This is truly his opus. Sun House is not only an amazing read, it is an important book and holds so many pieces of the “how” of the way forward… amazing characters, deep insight into feminine and masculine archetypes,

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shattered have-we-found-the-new-normal

Together let’s resolve to do our peace work…

We can all bring more peace to the world by learning to be in peace—this is some of the tender human work of these times. When we wholeheartedly take up the work of our own peace, the need for wars will diminish—this is not a new idea, Carl Jung suggested this as he saw WWII

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Making peace with the darkness

It is Solstice, and I write from the deep pre-dawn darkness here at the westernmost point in the United States. The Pacific Ocean roars faintly in the background, raindrops patter, a fire blazes, candles burn… and I have so much to say. Yet it is not time to say it, it is time to stay quiet, inward, still. It is time to hold my own counsel and listen to the darkness; to what comes from the flicker of firelight and tending the hearth of this sacred season…

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Reflections from the Knowing Land

My return from 3 weeks on the southern tip of Africa has been powerful. The coming days, weeks, and months will illuminate more. I found myself utterly en-wondered by our shared homeland, Mother Africa; the cradle of humankind. Literally there were Welcome Home signs everywhere… I have been welcomed home to the place from whence

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Tiny Habits: Wave, smile, say hello

Did you know there’s a large body of research on friendliness?It turns out that people who say hello, wave, smile at their neighbors are happier people.Maybe this sounds like a triteness, yet as hyper-relational creatures we require high doses of connection – and somehow have forgotten this in our busyness, in our heads downness, in

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