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About Constellation Work

Systemic Constellation Work is an active group process for personal and collective healing and evolution. It loosens the control of our psychological minds, connects us to the wisdom of our body-minds, provides access to the roots of our capacities and limitations, and makes way for a depth and scope of transformation rarely experienced in traditional therapies. Constellation Work is a highly effective and efficient tool for growth and can be used on its own or as an adjunct to many modalities. It is a body based and experiential process and encourages us to “know” from our depths.



How does it work?

What you will see is a small group of people standing in for aspects of a person’s issue or concern–an example of this could be a person wanting to feel at peace with their childhood and confident about their future. You might see a mother, father, and siblings on the floor and then a series of movements and some describing and sharing by the representatives facilitated by Alexis asking questions and “reading” the movements. This could look like some people acting out or guessing at another person’s story…this would not be accurate. This work is called phenomenological because “something else”, something hard to describe but both real and potent also happens. People often describe the experience of standing in as amazing because something happens to them in the representation that is beyond words or thought–THIS is the power and magic of the work, and THIS has to be experienced…

Constellation Work is a way of linking ourselves to the collective, of accessing our lineage, of experiencing the unified field. Through the sharing and movements during the process, the Constellation becomes a source of information and a clearinghouse for old patterns and burdens that have been lingering unseen in the system. Constellation Work is a phenomenological process and its efficacy can be linked to our understandings related to Epigenetics, Somatics, the potency of ceremony and ritual in healing, and what we now call The Knowing Field–the field of connectivity we share with all of life through time and space.Participants can expect many opportunities to participate by offering themselves as witness to the processes and or accepting invitations to stand in during individual pieces of work.

Participants who choose to set a Constellation are assisted by Alexis to bring forth their issue as a way of opening the unified field. Through the sharing and movements of the representatives (people) present, the Constellation becomes a source of information and a clearinghouse for old patterns and burdens that have been lingering unseen in the system.

Why Constellation Work?

Whether it’s through our family lineage, our cultural inheritance, or our orientation to the collective, each of us has times in our lives when we are burdened by loads too heavy to carry or a problem that is bigger than us–no matter how hard we try to overcome them. Constellation Work is particularly appropriate to the current times of rapid growth and transformation we are experiencing, and the outcome is often greater clarity, freedom, flexibility, and capacity in our lives.

What changes after a Constellation?

Sometimes we carry more than our share or more than we effectively can out of love, loyalty, or confusion. This is very often unconscious to us. By removing the confusion, our love and loyalty are able to re-orient and thus we can lay down, or give back, the burdens that have kept us from our own path. Being correctly placed in our own destinies and lives can create deep inner peace, a stronger sense of connection to ourselves and our world, and an ability to be effective and aligned with who we are here to be.


Listen to Alexis’s interview on The Subtle Body Speaks Podcast to learn more about Systemic Constellation Work, or click here for a more in depth explanation of Constellation Work.

Alexis offers monthly Constellation Work Events @PrayerFarm on Second Saturdays from 11:00am – 6:00pm. Mark your calendars and join us!

90-Minute Private Constellations are available upon request and can be booked by contacting Lexi directly.

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