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WAKE UP CALLS – Monthly Sadhana

July 11, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 6:00 pm PDT


Monthly sadhana (practice) with a live question and answer time. This space will be a chance to connect and share successes, challenges and questions with each other and get support and insights from Lexi. The first 20 minutes will follow the standard Wake Up Call format and then we’ll move into sharing and question/answer time.

Second Sunday of each month from 5-6pm PST

A brain science backed toolbox for your mindfulness and meditation practice—consistent support and community will keep you engaged, learning and feeling successful in your practice.

Learning to intend and attend to our daily movements actions and activities so that the mundane becomes sacred is what Wake Up Calls is about. When we engage in life with presence, self awareness and deep care for all of Life—which are natural qualities of being human; states that become obscured and obstructed by stress, by pressure, by the inhuman pace so many of us live at—then contentment, peace, and effectiveness result. This “secret” is what monks, highly effective people, and the world’s happiest people all know. Living from a place of connection, centeredness, and lightheartedness without ignoring reality is possible, and a necessary step for all of humanity in these tender and demanding times.

Join us, it is time.

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About Lexi

Lexi has maintained a consistent practice (of every imaginable ilk) for over 25 years and supports others in their own meditation, contemplation and mindfulness practices as a central aspect of her work and service. Lexi’s teaching style, which includes humor, nuggets from brain science and a steady stream of practices-that work- make her a beloved resource for those seeking to establish, maintain or boost their lives through practice.

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