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MatrixWalk 23/24

Lexi Delgado Testimonials

MatrixWalk 23-24: Remembering what is true…

A comprehensive 9-month program, including 3 in-person residential retreats in Oregon November 10-12, March 22-24, and August 2-4

The time of healing the broken cords of community and rebuilding trust within ourselves and with each other is here. There is no map for these times, what shall live and what shall die is unknown. One thing we do know— the way forward is… together.

Over this 9-Month period, our MatrixWalk community will reweave the fabric of ourselves and nurture our communities via consistent opportunities to come together. How we relate to ourselves has been a focal point of personal work for years. Due to the current level of breakdown of systems – including families – relating to each other in safe, consistent community has become a need for so many.

In a group setting you will:

  • Interact more honestly, courageously, and effectively with yourself and others
  • Expand your ability to perceive and respond to what matters most by staying integrated and connected even under stress
  • Build a kinesthetic understanding of what authentic community and correct support feels like and why it matters
  • Learn to trust your innate guidance system and read the subtle cues being regularly presented to us

Program Includes:

  • Three weekend retreats @PrayerFarm in Ashland, Oregon on Nov 10-12, Mar 22-24, and Aug 2-4
  • Weekly small group “Tune Up” sessions in-person and via Zoom
  • Monthly Constellation Events in-person and via Zoom
  • Mentorship Track includes monthly mentor group and opportunities to practice with Lexi’s support and supervision

This is for those comfortable bringing themselves as conscious vessels to the collective – individuals with experience representing Constellations, have worked extensively with Lexi, or have significant experience navigating subtle realms.

  • Cost: $2,450 total
    • No one with a sincere desire to work with Lexi will be turned away for lack of financial resources.
    • Please read about her commitment to a new economy, and reach out to Lexi for more information about worktrade and sliding scale opportunities.**
  • When:
    • Opening weekend: November 10 – 12, 2023
    • March 22 – 24, 2024
    • August 2 – 4, 2024

November 11 November 12 PST

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