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Facilitator 1 & 2 Training 2024-25

This 2 – 3 year path will move you into Mastery. We will be following the curriculum from South African Constellation Society which is rooted in the homeland of humanity, and this amazing work. 1st year you will be participating in MatrixWalk and selecting from Lexi’s programs to create a learning situation for your specific mastery goals. As a cohort you will form a monthly practice group and by Spring, will be co-leading with Lexi if you are called. We will be meeting before the 3 MatrixWalk weekends to prepare together and also after each weekend to unpack and begin defining the skills, tools, and systems that guide the work. We will be reading texts and meeting to review and practice monthly also. It’s comprehensive, it’s over this much time so you have the time you need to learn and still live your life.

Level 1 & 2 Facilitator Training is a 2-3 year Program for students who have worked with Lexi for a year or more. Interested students reach out to Lexi to apply.

Level 1 & 2 Facilitator Training includes:

  • MatrixWalk 2024-25 (October 11 – 13, February 7 – 9, June 13 – 15)
  • 2 training weeks just for Facilitators (between October 2024 – October 2025) dates TBD
  • 3 self-organized clinics

Tuition: $3800-$4700 —- This is equivalent to a graduate program; the New World Graduate School where we learn what we love, we are accountable to the deeper integrities, and we link ourselves to the mentors and transmissions that align with our truest calling and call to service. Anyone taking this path will be coming with their own potent skillset and ready to co-create while also wanting to learn from the specific skills and lineages Lexi teaches from.

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