Healing in Community: Generational Trauma, Systemic Constellation Work | Lexi on the Jasmine & Juniper Podcast

Lexi was recently interviewed by Arin Fugate on her Podcast, Jasmine & Juniper: Healing from Abuse, Manifesting the Life You Deserve. In her interview, “Healing in Community: Generational Trauma, Systemic Constellation Work” Lexi shares her expertise and personal experiences with this powerful modality that digs deep into family and ancestral roots. Do you know what Constellation Work is, its potent reframe on systems, and its universal wisdom? Here’s how it can help you heal…Listen to Lexi’s interview with Arin Fugate on her Podcast,

Excerpt: “You’re not entitled to happiness, you’re not entitled to comfort. When you get that in small doses, love the shit out of it! But the prozac-world that we live in of ‘we’re supposed to be comfortable’ – we’re not supposed to be comfortable. Look how we were born! The first experience you had was uncomfortable. You’ll never forget it, even though you can’t remember it.”

Arin describes the podcast: “Alexis talks about understanding nature’s hierarchies and how restoring them can bring love and relieve suffering. Our cultural expectations of comfort and entitlement are challenged as we explore the essence of love. By focusing on community and connection, we encourage deep personal growth and conflict resolution. We’ll be exploring the teachings of Constellation Work. It’s all about the power of the heart and how we can transform.”

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