Individual Sessions


Alexis’s Life Changing Hour meets us where we are while recognizing our potentiality and helps us get where we are going efficiently and effectively.

Alexis’s work combines solid clinical experience in mental health and trauma-informed care with somatic body-based therapies, brain-changing tools from neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, and the evidence-based practices linked to using mindfulness and self-awareness skills to reduce anxiety, depression, and generalized stress.

Clients actively participate outside of session times by integrating specific and personalized practices into daily life. Practices are key to the efficacy of Life Changing Hour, and are based on Alexis’s understanding of how we learn and grow, how we heal trauma, and how we get our minds to develop new habits and perspectives. These practices are simple, doable, and usually take less than 3 minutes a few times a day.

In Life Changing Hour, Alexis offers you accurate reflection and correct support in a heartful, body-centered, safe, and deeply personal way. Sessions focus on your entire being—your physical system/body, nervous system, mind and brain, and, as needed, past life and ancestral threads.

Working with Alexis

Alexis understands the importance of building trust and personal connection in a safe and sacred container while also believing that the most effective and efficient way to evolve, heal, and deepen into ourselves is in community. Remembering that we belong—in community, in tribe, in the village—is harder and harder in current times. Alexis’s unique method for supporting people in being well, connected to themselves and each other, inner and outer, is potent and deeply catalyzing.

Working in a group often shows us that what we believe is “personal” or “our stuff” is usually not. Furthermore, the amazing benefits of learning both to ask for and receive support, while simultaneously holding space for the struggles of others, is a profound tool for growth and movement in our inner and outer worlds.

(*There are exceptions to every rule, yet if you are seeking long-term individual care, Alexis is probably not a good fit for your needs.)

Individual Session Rates


60-Minute Sessions are for Individuals, while 90-Minutes Sessions are required for all Couples/Family work. Alexis suggests 60-minute sessions for individuals, unless you need extra process time or know that you need extended talk-time. All New Clients must begin with a package of 3 sessions to ensure the depth and effectiveness of the work Lexi offers. Sessions can be done in-person or through Zoom (recordings are available upon request).

Please review Alexis’s Policies for information on payments and preparation for private sessions.

New Clients

  • New Client 3-Pack of 60-Minute Individual Sessions: $600
  • New Client 3-Pack of 90-Minute Couple/Family Sessions: $900

Existing Clients


60-Minute Individual Sessions – Existing Clients Only
  • One Session: $200 
  • Pack of 3: $575
90-Minute Couple/Family Sessions – Existing Clients Only
  • One Session: $300 
  • Pack of 3: $850
Quickie Coaching – Existing Clients Only
  • 6-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions: $600

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