Holding a copy of the book Mating in Captivity on a snowy deck overlooking the Rogue Valley

Maybe You Have Read The Bestselling Book Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel?

It is a worthy read and the sub sub heading really set the tone for the entire read for me. 

Can we desire what we already have?

I’m supposed to be writing a book review, not giving my opinion on this incredibly important inquiry but I must say, this may be one of the keys to our future to our potential and to our evolution as a species—allowing our minds to ever-wander to what we do not have, to what we wish we had and to what we want—feeds our collective sickness around consumption. 

Most of us “get” that consuming more stuff than we need is not a great habit. Do we also get that consuming too much information, too much personal growth, too much help is the same thing, just different? 

Back to this book, back to sex (this is what the book is supposed to be about BTW), cultivating the attention span to want to make love—yes, make love–with your main person. Well, this is a worthy activity. 

This book is full of information about attraction, monogamy and all kinds of alternative plans and certainly worth a look but it mostly stimulated me to deepen my conviction that we must learn to want what we have; we must learn this starting right here with our chosen partners, the family, children, jobs and lives we live right here. And right now is a great beginning.

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