On the New Economy model and creating the world we want to live in

On the New Economy model and creating the world we want to live in

It is time to remember that the exchange of money is a deeply personal action–contrary to what we have been shown and experienced—exchange can take many forms and is based on love. In the world we have created, money is impersonal and simply pays for goods and services. Money is actually energy, energy is dynamic and alive, energy is a unique and specific expression to be shared differently in every circumstance and should be ours to give or receive in a much more discretionary way than is the current norm.

Just for fun, take a second right now and think of the word energy—take a breath, notice how it feels as you think about it. Now, think about the word money—same thing, take a breath, notice what happens in your body. See what I mean? Can we change this? Yes. We can.

Offering my services on the new economy model is risky—yes, money is a requirement in my life still, but equally important from an energetic standpoint, the balance of give and take must be properly tended.

In times past, helpers such as myself were taken care of by the community—they accepted what was offered and got to continually experience that there is enough. In this now, the sense of responsibility we feel for each other has diminished so significantly, and the speed of living required by the insatiable economics we live in has so separated us from each other’s work and service as gifts, that even being a good friend or neighbor is challenging for many of us. It is so much simpler to pay for what we want than to be beholden to each other for what we need.

My motivation is simple, I want to actively participate in the changing of current systems. And I am here to serve, I do not want people to rule themselves out of their call to work with me –if it’s their deepest call—because of money. (Please don’t engage with me and my services if this is solely about what you believe you can afford—you will only receive what you can afford, not what’s possible.) I am deeply called to take this risk, which feels like an honor and a privilege—which I do not take lightly.

Investing in our work together should feel “expensive” to you—if expensive means that you are making a huge commitment, taking a chunk of time, and planning that a lot of energy is going to move…this is what I am offering you—an opportunity to move, experience and transform a lot of energy, reboot/upgrade/shift yourself at the soul and systems level.

My own experience of a former teacher/mentor David LaChapelle being profoundly available for me, not only for specific office hours or contracted time but -as needed- was life changing and I model my commitment to you on this—I am all yours, use me.

All that said, some of the most costly mistakes we make in life are to allow the balance of give and take to get skewed or to force others into taking or giving beyond their own capacity or interest. We usually do this innocently and accidentally AND we are part of a collective that is very very out-of-balance so the dance of give and take is already a confused pathway.

See if this resonates with your experience: withholding energy generates pain, hoarding energy creates chaos, being careless with energy strengthens our unconscious, forcing energy is violent…with all of this being common in our current paradigm, of course recognizing balance is obscured.

The new economy model is based on generosity. And a commitment to the belief that there is enough, and that we can create a new world where our fear does not rule our exchange, our hearts do.

Healing our relationship to Life itself; each other, the land, our brother and sister beings we share our Earth with could be simple: take what you need, then a little bit less, give what you can, then a little bit more.

This unfolding new model of exchange challenges some deep stories while making way for the creation of new ones. It is time for this, thank you for buying into your own capacity to participate in the creation of a world of balance, integrity, generosity—in a nutshell, love.

In love and commitment to what is possible,

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