Policies & Payments

Please scroll through and read the entirety of the page to ensure you understand the policies and parameters regarding how Alexis and School of the New Work operate.

Session Rates

Alexis offers her session work either In-Person or via Zoom.  60-Minute Sessions are for Individuals, while 90-Minutes Sessions are required for all Couples/Family work. All New Clients must begin with a package of 3 sessions to ensure the depth and effectiveness of the work.


New Clients

  • New Client 3-Pack of 60-Minute Individual Sessions: $600
  • New Client 3-Pack of 90-Minute Couple/Family Sessions: $900


Existing Clients


60-Minute Individual Sessions – Existing Clients Only
  • One Session: $200 
  • Pack of 3: $575
90-Minute Couple/Family Sessions – Existing Clients Only
  • One Session: $300 
  • Pack of 3: $850


Private or Group Constellations

Alexis will gather a group to support your personal, business, or family Constellation, including integration after the session. Sessions can be done in-person or via Zoom upon request. A conversation with Alexis can help you determine what is best for your needs.

90-Minute Private Constellation: $475

Payments & Policies

No one with a sincere desire to work with Alexis is turned away for lack of financial resources. Alexis is happy to work with you on payment arrangements, work trade opportunities, sliding scale, and more, but this all must be done in advance. Please read about her commitment to creating a New Economy, and be in touch with questions and requests to discuss worktrade and sliding scale opportunities, andt to clarify your participation with this. 

Payment must be made in advance of the session and is non-refundable. When paying in advance is financially impossible, other arrangements can be made via a conversation with Alexis. Alexis makes herself available for extensive intake conversation prior to booking sessions to ensure a good fit. There are exceptions to every rule; if you feel you need an exception, please contact Alexis to discuss. Cash is welcome and helps Lexi keep her rates down. If you are an established client with a history of showing up reliably for sessions, I’d love to offer you a 10% discount for cash.

We kindly request 100% payment for schedule changes outside of 48 hour cancellation policy unless Alexis has time to fill the spot. This is a non-enforceable policy, so integrity and respect for Alexis’s time and scheduling is appreciated.

*Please note*
  • Payment can be made over cash, check, Paypal or Venmo.
  • Weekend sessions are available on a first-come-first-serve basis upon request

Preparing for Your Time with Alexis

Please no recreational use of substances for 24 hours prior to events, including alcohol, cannabis, etc. While it is understood that some substances are used medicinally, recreational use of substances can affect your ability to participate effectively in the work–this impacts the entire community.

Time: Allow ample time to drive, arrive and settle in so we can begin on time. There are trails, sitting areas, and spaces for enjoying the natural beauty of the area as part of your experience. Feel free to arrive up to 60 minutes early and stay after end of event. Alexis may or may not be available for check ins during these times.

Day-Long Events: Be prepared with water, food, warm clothes, and anything else that supports your comfort for the day. Alexis provides water, snacks, and refrigerator space for your lunch etc.

Policies for Group Immersions

As safety and cohesion are key aspects to our immersions, full commitment to an ongoing group is of paramount importance. Payment in full prior to beginning of event is optimal (and we are respectful of the fact that this is not always possible). Payment plans must be agreed upon in writing—please note, it is your responsibility to write up agreement and make a time to review with Alexis—agreement will include post-dated checks and/or verification of secured online payment—this allows our attention to be on the more relevant aspects of our work together.

Your full commitment at the time of registration is expected and our non-refundable deposit and payment policy reflects this—you are taking a limited space in our community, we will all rely and depend upon each other and our presence in groups, this is not a light or check-it-out scenario, so please be certain of your commitment prior to saying YES. (AND, as unexpected things do happen in life, we will review, on a case by case basis, where exceptions to this policy may be appropriate or necessary.)

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