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Life Changing Hour, Alexis’s work as a counselor, mentor, and coach, meets us where we are while recognizing our potentiality and helps us get where we are going efficiently and effectively.

Alexis works with Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, and Families. Her work combines solid clinical experience in mental health and trauma informed care with somatic, body-based therapies; brain-changing tools from neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology; and the highly researched and evidence-based practices linked to using mindfulness practice and self awareness skills to reduce anxiety, depression, and generalized stress.

Clients actively participate outside of session times by integrating specific and personalized “practices” into daily life. Practices are key to the efficacy of Life Changing Hour and are based on Alexis’s highly developed understanding of how we learn and grow; how we heal trauma; and how we get our minds to develop new habits and perspectives. These practices are simple, doable, and usually takes less than 3 minutes a few times a day.

Individuals In Life Changing Hour, Alexis offers you accurate reflection and correct support in a heartful, body-centered, safe, and deeply personal way. Sessions focus on your entire being—your physical system/body, nervous system, mind and brain, and, as needed, past life and ancestral threads.

“Lexi plants seeds to recognize how simple change can be.” – Candace

“One-on-one sessions with Lexi are like therapy at lightning speed! She gets right to the heart of the matter and offers amazing support.” – Katie



When the sea of love is turbulent…

Being in a relationship presents opportunities that take conscious navigation.

How is the WE?
(What is the We?)
The WE is the body that has formed between you—the “greater than the sum of our parts” part of the relationship—and when we forget to tend to this “body,” we can often lose sight of what matters in a relationship or the essence or deeper potential of the relationship.

When WE falls apart
When this happens, we often also lose sight of why we are in this other than the nitty gritty tasks and division of labor stuff. We can quickly become disenchanted because sharing the work—when what we really want to share is our heart—leaves a deep longing for something other than what we think we have.

Returning to WE
During a couple’s session you will find and tend the love, find and tend the potentiality, find and tend the essence of each other. Enjoying WE means making that essence more real, important and central than the problem – this is the solution.

Why Now?
Alexis is uniquely talented at supporting couples by balancing the practical—communication skills and regular daily practices—with the impractical (love is not practical!). She helps you find destiny, evolution, and what Life itself wants from our Union. She is able to teach skills while also accessing the invisible threads of connection that bind us and helping us find ways to untangle the tangled threads, then weaving them into a more satisfying and elevating life and Union.

Alexis has been working with couples for over 15 years.
She has also been in partnership with her husband for over 24 years.
Being awake and alive in marriage and partnership is a daily practice and experience for her, so you’ll find that she’s grounded in the realities of time, family life, and balancing the many blessings and challenges while bringing a refreshing take on what makes partnership thrive and grow.A

Youth & Families

“Life’s most deep and tender times are my specialty.” – Alexis

When a child is having a hard time (and when a child is having a hard time, the family is having a hard time) here’s one question most parents forget to ask, and can’t even answer themselves…

What’s RIGHT with my child?
We must remember, even in crisis times, when it looks like there is no good at all left, to see what’s right. We must look under the “problems”, issues and challenges, to the deeper process of unfolding, and we must have support for ourselves as parents to assist in this unfolding in productive ways.

Why focus on RIGHT and not WRONG?
What we know about growth, change and learning in human beings, thanks to neuroscience and how much we’ve learned about the brain in the last 20 years, is that what works is attention on the positive. That said, focusing on what is working and creating a viable plan for change and accountability is not ignoring issues and challenges but rather gives us more ground to stand upon for making significant changes in our family life.

Prove it!
An endless stream of studies have shown that people do not learn from correction or criticism as effectively as they learn from reinforcement of what’s already working or being done well—the brain is wired to do more of what it’s reinforced about (as we all know from when we are “working” on a habit or problem with a child or young person (or ourselves) it often gets worse instead of better and we often all find ourselves so frustrated that things aren’t changing…)

Wait a minute…
Being positive is NOT “rewarding” a young person for negative behavior; being positive is giving them the resources they need to respond instead of react—and even an ornery teen does, truly want to be respons-able—they just want to do it in their time and in their way.

Will this work for my child?
Alexis worked in public mental health—both on the ground as a therapist and care coordinator for children and families and as a manager working at the program development and supervisory level for over 10 years—abuse, neglect, addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, psychosis, suicide attempts and self harm and were all part of her regular scope of work.

Today Alexis works with families in the private sector supporting and providing concrete tools for moving away from trouble and towards the kind of connection, ease, and success we all long for for our children.

The family meeting is an evidence based practice Alexis has adapted to serve families and their wider community when crisis hits. It is a powerful, youth centered tool for working with complex situations.

What does family work look like? What can I expect?
Parent coaching is Alexis’s preferred mode of assisting families and children in hard times. Teaching those closest to the youth to be effective advocates and truly empathize with the situation is a more effective tool than placing youth in their own therapy.

This work provides families and young people with several specific skill sets for moving out of challenging times:

  • A reframe of who the young person is underneath the troubles
  • A specific set of tools for youth and family to work with to change communication and understanding within the family dynamic
  • A plan for working with and uniting the community around the youth (includes involving schools, caregivers, close friends)
  • Help determining positive relationships and supports for youth, typically chosen by the youth themselves (again, this is not rewarding the youth, this is empowering them to make the changes they desire to by giving them tools to work with towards positive change)
  • Direct support for parents in working with young person(s), in upholding the young person’s essential nature, in creating better communication and rhythm within the household

Learn more about Individual Sessions  *  Learn more about Couples/Family Sessions

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