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Recognizing The Ordinary As Sacred, Is The Remedy

As so many of us are experiencing some sense of loss in our lives–whether of our sense of “normal” via COVID or loss of spaciousness and time, loss of our freedoms, of our sense of security, I want to ponder some antidotes to this. One way of defining loss; desecration, is the removal of what is sacred, so living in ceremony (stay with me here, this is actually practical and doable not some woo woo idea…), which is at its core, recognizing the ordinary as sacred, is the remedy. Let’s re-sacred-ify the world one deeply lived life at a time.

Do you have daily rituals and ceremonies that make your life rich, that give meaning and depth to your days? How do you make ordinary actions and movements sacred? If not, what gets in the way (and what are the repercussions of just getting by and gliding along the surface of your dreams)?
I have my answers and you yours. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Apply intention and attention to your actions.
  • Mark beginnings and endings.
  • Care deeply and move in right speed–rushing and over extending desecrate your actions.

Make this month the month that you practice taking the tiny extra movements that shift you from action to ceremony. Achieve less, go deeper, make each movement sacred–this isn’t complicated or unattainable, it’s what you are built for.

Try it and let me know what you learn.



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