Book Review: The Gift – How The Creative Spirit Transforms The World By Lewis Hyde

This month I am sharing a review of The Gift How the creative Spirit Transforms the World by Lewis Hyde. Perfect timing as every book is, illuminating and clarifying the power of the gift, this book contributed powerfully to my own understanding of what we are calling The Gift Economy and the core value of generosity. It is clearer than ever to me that reclaiming “gift” as a core cultural act can transform culture.

It is time to heal the imprint capitalism has had on our hearts and on our humanity. This book reminds us that unconditionally giving is embedded in us as animals. The unique gifts that have been bestowed upon us are precious and must be shared. SO much of our suffering lies in not knowing how to share our gifts, not knowing how to bridge living in this economy with sharing our gifts. If these are questions you are asking, devils you are wrestling, this book might be a new bible. Read! Anything! Just read! xx

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