The Spiritual_ Emotional Process

The Spiritual/ Emotional Detox Process

The Spiritual/Emotional Detox Process

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who was feeling down and in the throes of “stuff” she thought she’d gotten over.

Oh, those ugly days, when old patterns and voices rise again!  And sometimes even louder than before and often just after an expansion or an experience that we thought had moved us to the next level.

So, from there oftentimes we go even further down the rabbit hole of yuck, as we then also jump on the criticism bandwagon:  I suck. My “progress” must have been an illusion.  Wow, I’m good at tricking myself or the world.


A few times a year, I let go of my regular eating habits and do a cleanse. My regular eating habits are pretty darned good, but I still find that I enjoy letting go of food for a few days, and that the detoxification process is important to my overall health.  After a day or two, I very often feel really terrible. What I know—and what supporters of the physical detox process will tell you—is that this is normal and actually both good and important.

So, I trust the process and find my way through these days knowing that the other side will come, and that I will feel great for having made it through this hard part.

Are you making the connection?

I am here to tell you that our deep process of unfoldment will also do some detoxification from time to time.

Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose when the detox will happen and can be taken by surprise.  (But, again, look to times just on the other side of big expansions, times when you feel on the other side of an evolutionary movement.)

What if you look at these detox times—formerly judged as regression or going backwards—as important, useful, and a very good sign instead of a problem?  And, if that’s too far to stretch, just being curious will also make a huge difference in how you experience the discomfort.

The simple act of seeing discomfort as a potentially good thing versus a problem is:

  1. a) a powerful way to work with consciousness in ordinary life and
  2. b) a highly researched tool used by athletes, birth educators, and highly skilled humans of all kinds.

This is the mind over matter piece, BUT it’s not about will force.

It’s about which neural networks (roads) you ride:  a super highway of fear, resistance, and push back or the path of acceptance and trust and curiosity.

Your choice. Really.

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