Book Review: The strength, instinct, and magical nature of the feminine

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

Please read this, preferably out loud and to a daughter, niece, sister…it is balm for this moment of regression in our culture and it is an important and necessary read. 

As our daughters ask us why our bodies are being fought over and attempted to be controlled by others, as girls move towards womanhood and notice fear and resentment rise towards them, this book, in a deep, intelligent, archtyplay soul-touching way, has answers…the strength, instinct and magical nature of the feminine—and the ways this can twist and turn into darkness and hurt…all here. Please, read, this. XX

 PS. I am on a Kelly Barnhill bender right now and so far EVERYTHING she’s written carries this deep mythic signature and necessary infusion of archetypal medicine.

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