Tiny Habits: The Gravity (and Levity) of Gravity

If you want an extra boost this month, here is another recycled piece that bears repeating; as the chaotic movements of Life rising up from the underworld (AKA Spring)  it’s easy to lose our ground—please stay! Here’s a Tiny Habit to help.

Tiny habits are built by adding them into already happening actions such as every time you step through a doorway, or stand up, or buckle your seat belt. The more you practice, the more you will enjoy the benefits.
Experience gravity
This stabilizing, centering, and connecting practice invites us to inhabit our bodies, and take our place– right here where we are.
Take a breath and practice feeling gravity gently holding you here on Earth (it is!)—notice this gentle, ever present downward force, consider it a hug and allow yourself to relax into it. Give this 30 seconds of your time several times a day.
Making this a regular practice will change your sense of groundedness and connection and offer you a stable and consistent relationship you can lean into any time.
Try this at home.

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