Blanket of snow covers PrayerFarm with a view of the mountains

Today I Had My Friend Killed and Soon I will Eat Him

Today I had my friend killed and soon I will eat him. This is the madness of mythology and fairytales…and farm life. 

We experience death and birth here at Prayer Farm all the time. Simultaneously tending and killing the plants and fruits we harvest, a chicken, even the lambs, was different than “harvesting” our beloved pig Lucky. Lucky would run to greet me whenever I passed. I dearly loved giving him a scratch on the head and trying to understand his lively pig rants. Today it’s hard to comfort myself in believing that Lucky had a good life when in the end we killed him. 

What kind of a friend acts this way?

As a family and community here at PrayerFarm, we set the parameter that if we want to eat animals we must be able to kill them. We turned him into food but we aren’t hungry. 

I am struggling to reconcile the reality that I do not know if I can do that again. Yet I also am not sure I am ready to become a vegetarian. 

And, Life goes on; Parsley is literally giving birth to her 1st litter of piglets right right now (4 healthy, 1 stillborn so far…), we have become foster parents and are now blessed with the responsibility of caring for a gorgeous infant while her real family heals the obstacles for raising her at this time. Workaway-ers continue to grace us with their hard work and beautiful attitudes. This summer you will love lounging on the patio that is being built and there will be new paint in the barn!

Remember, PrayerFarm is a COVID SAFE community space–you are welcome to come up and wander any time. There is so much to see, so much beauty and so much living going on all the time (um, well, and dying…). Come on up.

Stay tuned! Our famous PrayerFarm work parties will begin soon. Another covid safe activity for your dance card and a way to earn credit towards future programs and workshops, if you want to work for trade!

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