Tune In…

Tune Up

In-Community Somatic Integration

Tune Up is a small group that runs for several weeks at a time. The groups provide a consistent community space (via Zoom) in which you’ll deep dive into personal and collective terrain for 90 minutes. Sessions are guided by Alexis’s unique combination of coaching, teaching, and razor sharp insight and support.

These learning-and-healing-in-community sessions are designed to help you reset yourself while keeping current with the changes we are all experiencing, helping us recognize our place in the bigger weave of what’s going on in the world.

Why Tune Up?

Alexis understands the importance of building trust and personal connection in a safe and sacred container while also believing that the most effective and efficient way to evolve, heal, and deepen into ourselves is in community. Remembering that we belong—in community, in tribe, in the village—is a core human need, even in these times of COVID. 
Alexis’s skill and passion for supporting people in this community container creates a dynamic, deep and en-lightening experience while also supporting folks through their challenges, thresholds and hungers for evolution.
Working in a group often shows us what we believe is “personal” or “our stuff” is usually not. Furthermore, the amazing benefits of learning both to ask for and receive support, while simultaneously holding space for the struggles of others, is a profound tool for growth and movement in our inner and outer worlds.
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