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Are you ready to change how you experience yourself and the world around you? Do you need support developing and maintaining your consistent daily practice? Do you have 30 minutes or less, twice a week?

Wake Up Calls offers you tried-and-true tools for mindfulness, grounding, meditation, and presencing. Joining Wake Up Calls with Lexi will return you to your life more present and capable of navigating your day, whatever it brings.

Two mornings a week, wherever you are—only $18 a month!

Why Wake Up Calls?

Study after study shows people who have a consistent daily practice experience benefits such as:

Wake Up Calls
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Wake Up Calls is an opportunity to participate in a consistent practice with the support of both a skilled mentor/support person and a supportive community. Lexi demystifies the process of meditation, simplifies what you are “supposed” to be doing, and offers doable practices for you to work with between sessions.

Participating in a regular practice like Wake Up Calls brings you into deeper connection with yourself, your breath, and your body. It helps you to work with the information your body, mind and spirit are always offering to you, allowing you to connect outward with others from a more balanced state. Through Lexi’s masterful guidance, you’ll learn skills and practices to incorporate into your daily life.

Membership is $18/month and your subscription includes:

This program is designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone. If this monthly investment excludes you from participation, please pay what you can at the sliding scale option at time of payment. Learn more about Lexi’s new economy model.

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