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Tiny Habits: Got Overwhelm?

Got overwhelm? Overwhelm is one of the by-products of being sensitive as well as a repercussion of our inhumanely fast moving lives. What to do and how to cope? Most sensitive people – yes,

Tiny Habits: Rest in what is

From wise teacher Ramana Maharshi: Let what comes come. Let what goes go.Find out what remains. In this season of the deepest darkness may you recognize what’s right here, may you let go of what’s to go, may you

Tiny Habits: Got NOTHING?

Got NOTHING? Do you spend a few minutes a day* intentionally doing nothing? I do not mean scrolling or listening to music, I do not mean driving or hiking, or meditating or praying or

Tiny Habits: A+A=P

The Return of Tiny Habits Ahhh, the equation…A+A=PYes. Action plus awareness equals practice… practices are, well, tiny habits… My suggestions for Tiny Habits usually take 30-60 seconds though they can always be extended or

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