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What Is Dangerous To Our Souls Is Dangerous To Our Nervous Systems

If COVID has taught us anything, it has taught us that living apart, that not having each other in physical time and space, is dangerous to our souls. What is dangerous to our souls is dangerous to our nervous systems and what is dangerous to our nervous systems creates fight or flight behaviors—deepening the sense of separation that we are all already struggling with. All of this deteriorates our…immunity…yes, that which fights actual sickness, but also our immunity to challenges and to stress. From this perspective our resiliency and immunity are one and the same…we must rebuild our immunity, and we must do this together. We are not just relational, we are hyper-relational*. (*Hyper-relational is a term based on the knowledge that without each other, we die—this is not mumbo jumbo, it is what we know via science and 100 years of research on humans in isolation.)

In our post-COVID (almost) world, there is healing to do, there is repair needed…I find this a fascinating micro of the macro-as healing and repair—of the larger disconnection we have all experienced: from community, from the web of Life we all belong to, from a deeper sense of meaning, from how we have participated in genocide, allowed racism, been complicit in subtle ways with the destruction of our planet and our children’s future—is 100% on the table.

Our indigenous roots, all of our indigenous roots, no matter where our people come from, are based in ceremony, in ritual, in coming together to be with Life as it is, and to call the Life that is wanted. This is not complicated or woo-woo; find your people, bring your people together, go deeper, find the courage to dive under the surface of “OK” and experience what is real. Do this, don’t stop. So much is at stake.

With all of this in mind and heart I have developed Wake Up Calls—we know we need to care for the health and strength of our bodies, but what about our minds? Wake Up Calls offers a place to lean into for building resiliency via the tools humans have been using for 1000’s of years; meditation, contemplative practice, mindfulness, and somatic integration. These are not just new age buzz words, they are solid tools and brain changing instruments. Changing your brain is simple, not easy. 

Having a “home”; a community and a place to come to, offers a supportive container, guidance, and an extra layer of support—basically everything you need to start and maintain a meaningful practice…this is Wake Up Calls.

I want to share this project-of-my-heart with you and I want to encourage you to come try it out.

These practices work, really work, but you have to do them…Wake Up Calls is a way to help yourself show up; think of it as a workout class, but for your mind. 

Wake Up Calls is a community, it’s a supportive environment, it’s a “home” for your practice. Moving from intention to action can be hard and can take a while. How about now? How about together?

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