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These HolyUnHoly Times

We are in the HolyUnHoly Times of finding our way back towards our essential humanness by knowing and not knowing in equal measure. The temples are falling, the towers askew, false gods on every corner. Where we are certain we know, we do not and where we believe we do not know, mostly, we do. And we believe each other when we should not and mistrust each other when trust is the clearest way forward…like the Romans who poisoned themselves to extinction by…

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Extreme Ownership How US Navy Seals Lead and Win By Jocko Willink and Leif Babin book standing vertically on a wooden table with green yard in background

Simple, Not Easy

Yes, this was a tough read for me as so much of what I fear and judge around our war mongering nation was front and center, that said, I learned some things

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The book Why we cant wait by Martin Luther King on a wooden background

You Are Strong Enough. We Are Strong Enough Together

Please read this.
And then ask yourself, especially if you are in a “white” body or identify with being “white”—what is in the way of your direct action, with our “black” brothers and sisters, to end racism? Can you see how this is everyone’s concern and if not why not?

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Recognizing The Truest of Truths: Perfection Lives In Everything

Whatever gave you the idea that you need to be perfect?
Whoever told you that if you do not say it or do it PERFECTLY, you are bad or have failed?
Somehow somewhere this message became imprinted in your cells, there are very few of us free of this imprint. AND because our culture has a perfection shadow, understanding this drive in ourselves and outside of ourselves is such a confusing underlayment– especially because it is clear to anyone with eyes that we are in impossibly imperfect times.

SO, what to do you ask?

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