Sensible and Human Things

I do not disagree that COVID is a real and true “thing” and that each of us needs to be thoughtful about how we respond to this pandemic, my concern is what it is doing to us collectively. I have been struggling to find words and found the below writing by C.S. Lewis—written 72 years ago—ring with some relevance for us. Just replace “atomic bomb” with “coronavirus.” (Thanks Chadwick Moyer) In one way we think

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It’s Not Black & White…But It Is. Still.

A few weeks ago, driven by a call to take some kind of concrete action in our community, a robust group of us gathered outside in a physically-distanced circle. All of us present to a much-needed conversation with two hard and ugly words at the center: Genocide and Slavery.  We were all asking some version of: What can we do? What is our responsibility? On the agenda? Facing the harsh reality that We are a

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Beltane Greetings dear Community

Beltane Greetings Dear Community

May robust possibility and livingness rise up through the chaos for you and all you love in this wild season and tender earthly time. While so much is in growth and action here at PrayerFarm this month I feel compelled to speak of death… Many of the people I spend time with, especially those beginning their walk of “adulthood” are describing this time as a loss of innocence—a shattering of their hope that against everything they know and feel, life

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Trending: Safety

Trending: Safety

Recognizing and choosing to do something about our own safety has been a brilliant milestone in our collective evolution in the last few years. That said, experiencing and expressing “I don’t feel safe with you” seems to have suddenly become a trend. While there are way too many real and true and valid reasons humans can say “I do not feel safe with you” on the planet right now, for most who are saying it (at least within the communities I

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Discernment_ Pleasure Vs. Reward

Discernment: Pleasure Vs. Reward

As human after human declares themselves in trouble with their media addiction and we are collectively feeling our awake and aliveness threatened, I have a few thoughts to share. Being addicted to technology, from a brain standpoint, means we are neurobiologically wired to “reward”.  Because the brain so enjoys quick and easy access to reward experiences via technology, we can quickly become wired to seeking reward over pleasure. Giving your system a reward is like checking a checkbox on your to-do list; satisfying but

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Thanksgiving: Why Gratitude isn’t enough

Thanksgiving: Why Gratitude Isn’t Enough

It’s Thanksgiving season again, and even though a big day of food and family seems like it should be a welcome event, I have always despised this holiday. As far as I know, I believed all the construction paper pilgrim hat and feathered headdress stuff as a kid…but kids are smart and a something’s-weird-about-this feeling has always been with me around Thanksgiving. Of course, I now know a whole bunch of things nobody told me

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