Tiny Habits: Trust

It’s astonishingly easy to lose one’s foundation of trust isn’t it?And to find yourself so much in your mind you lose your body, your sense of reality, your connection to whatever is your bigger-than-you ground… Infants have no choice but to trust. This is how we all begin our lives and it’s uncomfortable—most of us did not get our needs met perfectly or even close, yet we survived and hopefully thrived—or are on our way

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BE YOUR RADICAL SELF: a simple imperative

RADICAL: 1.  Arising from or going to a root or source; basic. 2.  Departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme or drastic. 3.  Relating to or advocating fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions. What a beautiful word! When did the meaning of this word shift and begin to make us uncomfortable? (Not really a question, this is easy enough to trace and track isn’t it?) What if your destiny is “basic”–return to source, find

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Tiny Habits: Got Overwhelm?

Got overwhelm? Overwhelm is one of the by-products of being sensitive as well as a repercussion of our inhumanely fast moving lives. What to do and how to cope? Most sensitive people – yes, you – have one or two “go-to” ways of coping with overwhelm. “Leaving” is a big one… stressed? Yes, oops off on a mini vacation to space… it can be a long way back and may scare your people as “disappearances”

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On staying slow… wander and wonder

At the risk of being redundant, I am here to say, slow down, forget the return of the light, it will get here but right now it is still Rest O’Clock. You (probably) need more rest.You (probably) need more silence.You (probably) need more ease and peace. Our capitalistic society and patriarchal culture have trained us out of these things and tricked us into believing in wars; war on our time, war on our connections with

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Tiny Habits: Rest in what is

From wise teacher Ramana Maharshi: Let what comes come. Let what goes go.Find out what remains. In this season of the deepest darkness may you recognize what’s right here, may you let go of what’s to go, may you rest in what is. Make this a daily practice, allow the darkness it’s place, look for the golden threads of light that are still glimmering. The light will return but for right now you place is right here, in the dark.

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