Oh no, inflation…

Hello dear community, How do we move into new ways of creating exchanges in an insanely inflated economy? Money is still necessary for participation in the world as it is, and while there is a slow but steady movement away from money as our only currency, we have a long way to go…hopefully you know I am deeply committed to service regardless of your ability to pay. To take it further, I encourage you to

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Tiny Habits: Got NOTHING?

Got NOTHING? Do you spend a few minutes a day* intentionally doing nothing? I do not mean scrolling or listening to music, I do not mean driving or hiking, or meditating or praying or writing checklists in your head. I mean doing NOTHING at all, no input, no output, just being. Idle, quiet, still, purposeless… Like meditation but different, doing nothing is an important ingredient to your health. Just letting your mind wander, staying still,

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Entanglements: The Solution is Bearing Witness

Entanglements – what are they? The knots that are so known by your system, you can’t name them or tame them even with all the self help books, podcasts and therapy available…We all have these and these are entanglements. The ways that we suddenly become someone we do not recognize in relation to a particular person or group of people, the way we feel different than our normal selves under certain circumstances—”I couldn’t speak up,

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Interrupting this regularly scheduled program: Let’s STOP training our daughters (children) to make not OK things OK

The world continues to speak about issues between women and men, between rich and poor, between people of different cultures and races. Good, important, and necessary. This month I want to add the element of how women treat each other into the mix – this piece is not just for women – we all bear witness to and experience these social incongruences. In my practice I am seeing so many beautiful, scary, and tender layers

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Book Review: Rising Waters

THRUST by Lidia Yuknavitch This poetic, lyrical, time dancing story weaves stories of US history (the immigration story and the making of the Statue of Liberty) with sci-fi themes like rising waters and the culture that rises with those waters. This book moves like the oceans; back and forth and in and out facilitating a Constellation of history both from the past and in the making. Rich and raw, sensual, erotically curious and tender, feminist

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Tiny Habits: A+A=P

The Return of Tiny Habits Ahhh, the equation…A+A=PYes. Action plus awareness equals practice… practices are, well, tiny habits… My suggestions for Tiny Habits usually take 30-60 seconds though they can always be extended or returned to. As the season begins to turn, the portal to a re-turn to, or deepening of, PRACTICE opens… what are you doing, every day, to consciously bring ceremony, ritual, presence to your life? Small actions add up and change how

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