Book Review: Archetypes of Motherhood

Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder Been a mother? Going to be? Been a father? Going to be? Live in our culture? Please read this. This powerful and shocking story totally totally nails the deepest archetypes of motherhood — and by doing so, brings the horror and violence of this aspect of our patriarchal culture to light in a powerful, necessary way. It’s not just a radical and important book, it’s also beautifully, intelligently, and humorfully written.

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Grandmother’s Rib

Oh daughter of my daughtera story’s long been toldthat your body–sacred bodyby Grandfather was made whole. A lie it isand always wasthough history shrouded this becausefrom our bodies come all menand to our body they return again. There’s power hereoh yes indeedbut stolen and twisted storieshave turned mantowards lies and greed. Maybe our silence oncesaved the daybut now our silencedoes our hearts betrayand from truthwe mustn’t walk away. Every bodyHe and Sheand all the others

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My Accidental Summer Practice

Draw your boundary. Pause, enjoy it. Keep going. This has been my “accidental” summer practice—what I mean is, via the necessity of setting limits and practicing boundaries I have learned how limitless my capacity is. This is such a different experience than the collective habit of pushing through… which I am expert at and imagine most of you are too. Via the solid, unapologetic NO’s I have offered forth this summer, significant openings and YES’s

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Your humanity in a coffee cup

I’m going to speak, lightly, briefly about the sneak of extinction culture into your living room…we all live in some level of chronic discontent—this has caused a collective trance and the dumbing down of our human nature…millions, billions of hungry ghosts not-yet-dead. Whoa, that’s intense isn’t it? The fire of summer, the lie of Independence Day—watching our democracy crumble (was it ever truly a democracy folks? Can we take a closer look at history?) Anyway,

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Book Review: The strength, instinct, and magical nature of the feminine

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill Please read this, preferably out loud and to a daughter, niece, sister…it is balm for this moment of regression in our culture and it is an important and necessary read.  As our daughters ask us why our bodies are being fought over and attempted to be controlled by others, as girls move towards womanhood and notice fear and resentment rise towards them, this book, in a deep,

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5 (Almost Finished) Books

Confession: I got out of scale with my reading this month and started 5 books, finished zero… SO, looking for a good read, at least so far as I don’t know the ending? Here are a few. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill If you have a child to read this with, please do, otherwise your own soul child will delight in this sweet, challenging fairy tale—bless our oldest stories which help

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