Perfection or Mastery

Uprising in so many us– to explore and shift the impact of our own the violent and vicious patterns of perfectionism– has been a theme in my practice the last few weeks…imprints of our history; oppressive, capitalistic, patriarchal, outcome based, and fundamentally dishonoring of life’s organic movements… all internalized. All of us. Woman, man, every spot between and beyond, we harm ourselves and each other by the violence of the requirement of perfection every.single.day. While

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what is an obligation


Does the word obligation cause discomfort in your body? Let’s explore this… At the end of our last workshop my friend and colleague Denai Grace Fuller channeled an important message: We are the ones who are still here. This work is not just important, it’s our obligation. Obligation. I have been contemplating this word, its meaning and the concept of submitting to our obligations ever since. Obligation is an expression of “what is”—it’s just a

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She and He and He and She

I have just re-read, probably for the 5th time, two small but mighty books: SHE and HE by Jungian analyst and scholar Robert Johnson. Grab them and dive in—believe me, you need to read these and let them touch your evolutionary soul. It is wildly clear that there is an unprecedented shift happening in our “he” and “she” relationships. We are working this out in our marriages, our friendships, our attractions (and repulsions). We are

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Let’s be excellent.

We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. –Aristotle Let’s be excellent. Habits are formed via practice and practice is what you do often—with attention and intention…or not. We become what we pay attention to, we are not victims to our habits, we create them. How? Repetition. You are in-habit-ing or addicted to whatever you are addicted to because you do it often and your brain has built pathways

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Boundaries + compassion = safety

Boundaries + compassion = safety

Have I ever given you an “equation” to work with? One of my oddnesses and way I made it through school when memorization was called for was by making up equations for things. Anyway, here’s an equation for us all…boundaries, boundaries, boundaries on everyone’s lips these days…most of us live on one or other side of the pendulum with boundaries; so “soft” or “rigid”—these are also descriptions of brain function by-the-way. So soft boundaries, maybe

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Laurens Van Der Post

February Book Review

My life has been changed again; my work has been changed, my connection to land and life and community, to history, to colonialism, to oppression, evil and goodness…BOOKS! Laurens Van Der Post has been on my to-read list forever and a few days and I carried these around for years, even opened a couple of times but didn’t quite dive in…well, it was time, and I devoured them, underlined like a college student, wept, and

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