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What is it to be human?

How, as humans, do we become more, or less human? Is this possible? Aren’t we just ourselves? You too must be hearing the “finding/losing/remembering our humanity”-speak…and concerningly, it has basis doesn’t it? Basic kindness, care, respect seem to be elusive still at times…and story after story of our neighbors, friends

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Martin Marten

My love affair with Brian Doyle continues…at 1st glance this month’s book recommendation might seem pedantic; a book about the marten? A kids book? NOPE. Martin Marten is a gorgeous soliloquy about love and life. A deep look at our place in the web, at the real meaning of community…and

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Be Safe

What do we mean, really, with our new COVID-induced catch phrase “stay safe.”? Keeping it real folks: You are not safe. Stay safe is what I want to call a “sick” phrase (illuminating the illness in our culture). Staying safe, valuing our lives at all costs, needs to stop being our

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The End of “Normal”–Now What?

As I sit, day by day with people, I hear and feel the anxiety, the depression, the hopelessness, the fear; the way you know there’s no more normal or place to go back to in your old life and then we work with how your own lives are reflecting this

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knowing fields

Since the Inception of COVID-19…

I have marveled at and struggled with words or explanation for what I think I am observing. Hard times bring out either the best or the worst in humanity and with love and respect to us each and all I need to say that I am not impressed with us

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