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shattered have-we-found-the-new-normal

“Shattered”—have we found the new normal?!

This expression shows up in my office and in conversations, day after day. Yes. We are shattering and this goes for you, me and us, for them, for the collective, for systems, for structures…we are shattering. The beauty in this, from this place of death or utter brokenness, is that

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Solstice Book Reads

In honor of Solstice and the season of reading, here are not one but 2 books I pray you might pick up…I think you know I am a book obsessed human. Books have saved my life, and still the right book lands in my hand at the exact right moment

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winter solstice

Winter Solstice 2021

Oh how bowing to the darkest moment feels so necessary this year. Bowing to the darkness and bowing to the darkness and bowing to the darkness…This season I am allowing myself to belong to the darkness… granting myself time in the pre-dawn dark to fully descend and imagine, maybe remember,

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What is it to be human?

How, as humans, do we become more, or less human? Is this possible? Aren’t we just ourselves? You too must be hearing the “finding/losing/remembering our humanity”-speak…and concerningly, it has basis doesn’t it? Basic kindness, care, respect seem to be elusive still at times…and story after story of our neighbors, friends

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Martin Marten

My love affair with Brian Doyle continues…at 1st glance this month’s book recommendation might seem pedantic; a book about the marten? A kids book? NOPE. Martin Marten is a gorgeous soliloquy about love and life. A deep look at our place in the web, at the real meaning of community…and

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Be Safe

What do we mean, really, with our new COVID-induced catch phrase “stay safe.”? Keeping it real folks: You are not safe. Stay safe is what I want to call a “sick” phrase (illuminating the illness in our culture). Staying safe, valuing our lives at all costs, needs to stop being our

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