Book Review: The Power of Discord by Claudia Gold and Edward Tronick

This research-filled and rich-with-anecdotal evidence book illuminates one of my favorite beliefs, that leaning towards conflict and allowing discord makes for stronger.

It also speaks to another beloved subject; neutral. In the extensive “still-face” research they present, it is easy to see how the pull backs we so often do in relationship under stress is NOT NEUTRAL, it feels so to the actor but creates a significant stress response in the person receiving the non-neutral neutrality that we offer each other under stress. Understanding how we create the negative dynamics with our most beloved people and how to shift this is all in here.

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Rainbow and red heart-shaped candle burning with red wax dripping down wooden alter

Learning The Language Of Repair

We are all in kindergarten regarding the necessary paradigm shifts we are feeling coming, knowing are necessary, maybe working towards. Our culture is built upon non-accountability and this is deeply embedded in every aspect of how we function as a nation and as a collective. The disconnect and forgotten history of violence and oppression between us as humans has led us into the sicknesses of racism and genocide, and hierarchies such as white supremacy and extreme capitalist values. This even deludes us that we can “own” land and forests, waters and ecosystems and do with them as we please.
The language of repair can be learned, it is very very simple, but it is also not easy. Here is the “secret”…

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Wall of bones with three skulls

These HolyUnHoly Times

We are in the HolyUnHoly Times of finding our way back towards our essential humanness by knowing and not knowing in equal measure. The temples are falling, the towers askew, false gods on every corner. Where we are certain we know, we do not and where we believe we do not know, mostly, we do. And we believe each other when we should not and mistrust each other when trust is the clearest way forward…like the Romans who poisoned themselves to extinction by…

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Extreme Ownership How US Navy Seals Lead and Win By Jocko Willink and Leif Babin book standing vertically on a wooden table with green yard in background

Simple, Not Easy

Yes, this was a tough read for me as so much of what I fear and judge around our war mongering nation was front and center, that said, I learned some things

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