Sapiens by Harari

Book Review: Sapiens

This book is important. Important.

Sapiens gives me some very welcome inspiration around what humanity is capable of in short spans of time, because it’s just so hard to have perspective on time when it all feels so sped up. I’m not sure we can stop ourselves from going extinct, but under the right circumstances, I think we can make A LOT RIGHT before we go.

“Millions of years of evolution have designed us to live and think as community members. Within a mere two centuries we have become alienated individuals. Nothing testifies better to the awesome power of culture.”

While this is a stunning fact, it is also heartening if you consider that we have both millions of years of imprint AND the power to invent beliefs and culture so rapidly. We absolutely can create a culture of connection, of community, of recognition of the ecosystems we belong to and we can choose to take a more humble and less destructive place in it all.

All of this many-millions-of-years-old human imprint (being biologically wired for community, connection and tribe-sized groups) is a bigger and stronger imprint than this recent species-threatening (I mean us) invention of Self. I’m devoted to the project of creating a culture that eradicates the idea of “ME” being more relevant than “WE”—that considers “MWE” as central (a word one of my mentors Daniel Siegel coined). If you’ve made it this far in this rant, I believe you are too—MWE can do this.

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