Inner Hater

Inner Hater

Do you know your inner hater?  Do you know the potentially maniacal parts of yourself:   the killer, hijacker, suicide bomber?


One of the many things our current political arena is showing us* is what people who feel oppressed can do when given license to let their frustration, fear, and anger rip.  It looks scary to us, and we are so very glad we are educated and of the inclusive ilk. Right?


But, really, hating the haters is old school, an eye for an eye.  Being neutral is ideal.


What is neutrality you ask? Neutrality is a place from where you can be with What Is As It IS and witness versus react. Neutrality is the place of observation we all have the potential for. It requires practice, though, to observe instead of diving in emotionally the instant something happens. For example, can you witness your child in a tantrum state without getting overly involved yourself? Can you hear your spouse express frustration without taking on that upset yourself?


No matter how much practice we’ve had, none of us are able to be neutral all of the time.  When we are unable to be neutral, we often find ourselves launched into a scary alter ego. It’s time to pull out the flashlight and the ability to laugh at ourselves.


Yes, I think I would probably kill a fellow human to protect my children.  Yes, I might support the disappearance of a crew of folks I believe are on the frontlines of planetary destruction.


Yes, I have to face this in myself, and I do not like it one bit. But, I am a much safer human because I’m facing it, than if I were keeping it in the darkness until one day…BOOM!


Take a look.  Be part of the solution.

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