Martin Marten

My love affair with Brian Doyle continues…at 1st glance this month’s book recommendation might seem pedantic; a book about the marten? A kids book? NOPE.

Martin Marten is a gorgeous soliloquy about love and life. A deep look at our place in the web, at the real meaning of community…and also a dive into the inquiry, dear to my heart, one I am having on repeat with couples these days…how do we love, how do we commit, how do remain free and alive and not repeat the trances of our forebearers?

Yes no, it’s not just a story about the marten—though they are amazing creatures and you’ll love them so dearly by the end…

Oh good people, please pick up a book, if you aren’t ready to read it, just tuck it into your backpack or under your pillow…books are a powerful tool of rebellion, please, rebel. XX

And here is a quote that ignites me and influenced this months writings:

What is this place made of, composed of? What is the shape and nature of its flavor and endurance? …Dream first: do second. …A lot of place is made up of voices. A lot of it is what happened in that air, on that water, in those woods. Most of a place is not what human beings think. Maybe we will be better human beings when we begin to see all the other things a place is besides all the things we think it is or wanted it to be.

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