My Accidental Summer Practice

Draw your boundary. Pause, enjoy it. Keep going.

This has been my “accidental” summer practice—what I mean is, via the necessity of setting limits and practicing boundaries I have learned how limitless my capacity is. This is such a different experience than the collective habit of pushing through… which I am expert at and imagine most of you are too.

Via the solid, unapologetic NO’s I have offered forth this summer, significant openings and YES’s have emerged*… no, I am not offering forth the next miracle formula because the other thing I’ve learned this summer is that the minute I think I “know”… the next movement rises and it needs a different response. “What next?” with curiosity and wonder… simple. Not easy.

*for example, about an hour ago I told my wonderful assistant Abby that I just wasn’t going to able to get a newsletter out this month. Hit send, sat down to write—boom. A newsletter arose.

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