Reflections from the Knowing Land

My return from 3 weeks on the southern tip of Africa has been powerful. The coming days, weeks, and months will illuminate more. I found myself utterly en-wondered by our shared homeland, Mother Africa; the cradle of humankind. Literally there were Welcome Home signs everywhere… I have been welcomed home to the place from whence we all emerged… and it has changed me, moved me, deepened me. I trust it will ripple towards you through our work together.

Yes, laying my eyes on 1.9 million year old bones, seeing some of the planet’s biggest still-here creatures, watching sunset colors that belong solely to Africa. AND, the unexpected; I was moved to tears again and again by the beauty and melody of the many African languages that sang in my ears, by the deep generosity and care so many African people brought forth in service of my journey, by the plant life that was just so different from what I have seen and known in my other travels. Mother Africa is deeply herself, like everywhere there is so much that needs attention and care; so much threatened by human actions, yet the signature of the place, the potent ground under my feet everywhere I walked, well, life changing, life giving. Home and not home, familiar and strange.

As a guide for humans committed to doing their personal, familial, and collective work, I went to South Africa with a deep longing for answers—

How can we be truly well when the blood and unburied bones of a history of genocide, violence and othering remains unaddressed, unhealed, unrepaired?

I know, we can’t change the past. And.
Can we bear witness to it in a new way?
Can we allow this ugly history its rightful place and make way for the other voices, the silenced ones, the one’s we have forgotten but not laid to rest?
Can we, not the people writing the history books, but the people living and reliving the horrors via the seemingly disparate experiences we are having in our own lives—of violence, of “extinction”, of ideas, of ways, of different opinions—can we do something about this?
Can we show up for what is wanted, now?

Beyond that huge set of questions, there were more:
How can we interrupt the patterns of ignorance, of memory loss—2 epidemics of these times—in our personal lives, in our collective unfoldment?

How can we awaken the resiliency, the courage, the integrity and the gifts that are also in our past?

How can we take on the challenges of our times honestly, beneficially, and together?

As usual, I have more questions than answers and more longing than I know what to do with—so, I cultivate the tolerance to sit in this pain-filled space where I struggle to bear witness to the buried guilts and shames of the good people at my back—they made some mistakes and the consequences have been great– great and enduring.

So, a few days after my return, we circled up, as we do each month, we circled up and led ourselves into the true and deep space where Truth can emerge and What Is Wanted can illuminate…the work, my work, thus our work, has already changed and the deep roots of Traditional African Spirituality opened chambers of my own true and deep spiritual roots—and our shared roots. More ceremony, more safety, more space, more integrity…if we are going to be consumers, and we are, more of these things, yes please.

I so hope you will be called to join us on December 9th for our next gather AND stay tuned for the emergent works I am called to offer which includes Place-based Land Constellations and more emphasis on organizational and business constellations. I see so many of us coming forward deeply called to service, deeply called to be part of the regenerative movements AND YET these ideas, brilliances, and the humans ready to show up are so often struggling to find ground for their work and the associated exchanges needed for new economy, new business, new service to emerge. We have to disentangle the history of success and failure at our backs, of the imbalances of giving and taking at our backs, at the ignorances and errors that drove us to this moment—and aren’t’ we blessed that we have this amazing tool and community to support us in finding our way?! Whoa!

PS. I’m looking for an editor to help edit this newsletter. Love my writing? Love to catch the small errors and help ensure message is landed? I’d love to talk to you and set up some kind of fair exchange for your time. xx

PPS. Please join us December 6th 1-3pm for an Organizational Constellation for a local non-profit. Organizational Constellations are amazing, potent… and a little different. I’d love a hearty crew of experienced reps to be here in service—LMK if you can come, it’s free to you.

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