SAA (seed sound in Yogic principles meaning  the beginning, infinity, the totality of all that is or will be)

FACT: Changing the problem is as easy as changing the container that surrounds it. This is simple, but creates a HUGE container for conflicts, challenges, and problems of all kinds.

SMILE, ACKNOWLEDGE, APPRECIATE—an attitude for working with conflict in family life (based on modern brain science and a huge body of research).


Most importantly, smile. Smiling changes your own brain chemistry as well as that of whomever you are with—even an ingenuine smile works! A smile tells your body the truth—we can get through this, no big deal. It balances the fear and reptilian instinct that is typically associated with conflict or challenging interactions.


The real thing…all the way to their essence, not the “good job” kind of praise we are conditioned to offer our children for minute things…get under the current moment to the current of Truth, your child or partner or Mother-in-Law is a perfect being. When you allow your system to connect with them at that level, to really SEE them. The conflict becomes more manageable—again because both of you are elevated, safe and in a larger container than the problem and you are dealing with each other as “holy” beings.


Being with WHAT IS is an act of courage.

Acknowledge the truth of the situation.

We actually do not learn from corrections, we learn from appreciation, praise (real stuff) and reinforcement of what’s right.  Thank your partner in conflict for sharing, for teaching you something (what, specifically was it? Name it), for participating with you, whatever is true for you. Training yourself to be in appreciation while in conflict makes your system say YES to this instead of NO. That, in and of itself is Life Changing!

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