She and He and He and She

I have just re-read, probably for the 5th time, two small but mighty books: SHE and HE by Jungian analyst and scholar Robert Johnson. Grab them and dive in—believe me, you need to read these and let them touch your evolutionary soul.

It is wildly clear that there is an unprecedented shift happening in our “he” and “she” relationships. We are working this out in our marriages, our friendships, our attractions (and repulsions). We are working this out collectively and in intimate and casual ways…pretty much everywhere and every day and inside and outside of ourselves.

With so many years working with couples, I am witnessing astonishing uprisings and leaps as humanity quickens its evolutionary movements. Relationships are changing so rapidly and moving ever-deeper into what is possible, wanted, necessary. There’s no such thing as success or failure as many relationships are completing and coming apart—this is also a contribution and evolutionary act.  What dies has as much importance as what lives; this is so important to keep close in these dying and trying times.

If something is changing, and per my observations it is, maybe we just say this—more and more, we are letting love win. Hallelujah. We are strong of heart and devoted to love, yes we are.

These deep stories retold and interpreted by Robert Johnson will seed your dreams and potentize your power as participants in the real-time, right now, evolution of the masculine and feminine aspects of you, me, and them.

Read, dream, allow, remember…reading is a rebellious act. Read! xx

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