Book Review: For Small Creatures Such as We

For Small Creatures Such as We by Sasha SaganThis lovely lovely book by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan takes a look at the deep wonder and wild mysteries of Life from a secular standpoint—I have always felt that the heart of every religion—love (which for me is synonymous with wonder and beauty) makes me able

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In every system there are natural, honest orders

There are so many righteous words that have been given a bad wrap and I think Hierarchy may be one. We work to disassemble false hierarchies – ones that oppress and diminish, that obstruct and obscure – yes, those are no’s. Also, humans tend to overgeneralize; “hierarchies are bad” being an example, but in every

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View from deck at prayer farm

Learning the language of repair

We are all in kindergarten regarding the necessary paradigm shifts we are feeling coming, knowing are necessary, and maybe working towards. Our culture has been built upon non-accountability and this is deeply embedded in every aspect of how we function as a nation and as a collective. The disconnect and forgotten history of violence and

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Risk caring so much your heart breaks

I have been working with the following quote for some days now; it touched me so deeply in its simplicity and deep call to personal integrity and the heart of what true activism is. “The gift you carry for others is not to attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it. You

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Tiny Habits: Move more efficiently, gently, and truly

Here’s a Tiny Habit you might want to take up for February; this month of small and tender beginnings.Be humble. Allow your uncertainty to guide you… lean back into the pause that Winter has set.  Before you move, take a breath; it will be unnoticeable to those around you yet it will create a very

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