Reflections from the Knowing Land

My return from 3 weeks on the southern tip of Africa has been powerful. The coming days, weeks, and months will illuminate more. I found myself utterly en-wondered by our shared homeland, Mother Africa; the cradle of humankind. Literally there were Welcome Home signs everywhere… I have been welcomed home to the place from whence

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Tiny Habits: Wave, smile, say hello

Did you know there’s a large body of research on friendliness?It turns out that people who say hello, wave, smile at their neighbors are happier people.Maybe this sounds like a triteness, yet as hyper-relational creatures we require high doses of connection – and somehow have forgotten this in our busyness, in our heads downness, in

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Secret: All humans long for…

In our most recent Constellation event several poignant themes emerged around women and men and masculine and feminine dynamics. In a time when so much is being questioned around roles, gender, relationships between women and men and beyond, it is so rich to have Constellation Work and The Knowing Fields illuminate truths under what we

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Tiny Habits: BOTH… AND

BOTH… AND. Start with what troubles you; OMG the pine beetles, the algae in the Klamath river, where are the birds? Be with this, notice the sensations that arise in your body, allow them their place for a few breaths. Stay just a little longer than you normally do (or a little shorter if you

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Tiny Habits: I am from…

This month I am offering an unusual Tiny Habit in that it requires paper and pen—this could also be done as a thought exercise so don’t let the props get in the way. In a time on the planet when safety has become so central—yes, COVID but before that the preservation of human life at

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