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Together let’s resolve to do our peace work…

We can all bring more peace to the world by learning to be in peace—this is some of the tender human work of these times. When we wholeheartedly take up the work of our own peace, the need for wars will diminish—this is not a new idea, Carl Jung suggested this as he saw WWII rising. Over simplification? Maybe, but we don’t know until we try. Let’s make peace this season beginning right here with ourselves. Amazon does not sell this but everyone on your list will gladly receive this amazing gift.

We are living in a time of war, just far enough from home that we think we can keep a safe distance, yet most of us are living with a deep unsettledness in ourselves, especially when we tune in “over there”.

We need to come right here and look at the wars at home—the ones in our heads, the ones with the invisible enemy, the one with the person next door… in learning peace, a commitment to kindness and respect must become an unshakeable discipline. We all have this in us—let’s commit, together, right now.

When talking about peace it is useful to remember that because of our hyper-relationality, we recognize people who have a peaceful presence and naturally want to co-regulate with them (and as they are hard to find, we often find ourselves co-regulating with the jangly, and stressed nervous systems that surround us). So let us learn to be that peaceful presence—it is a holy ideal but it’s also just a brain thing, and peace is a state you can entrain yourself to be in–with resolve. Peaceful New Year dear humans, let’s do better.

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