Allowing Uncertainty to Guide You

In Constellation Work, the basic practice is inviting a few people onto a carpet to represent people, places, things, and ideas on behalf of someone else. (Such a nutshell – find a more thorough description here).

Constellation Work is a slow process compared to how we move in regular life; this gives us the time to see and feel and bear witness to some of the subtler aspects of Life, and help them untangle and right themselves. Many “problems” are situations from the past that needed more attention, time, witness. In Constellation Work, we are able to heal via this simple process. Very un-psychological, very embodied.

In a recent Constellation, a representative was standing in for the man who called the Constellation. One of the things he kept saying was, I feel like I want to move but I’m not sure where to go. Each time it came on the back of someone else moving – so you could say he was reacting to his environment, something we are all doing all day long. Each time he spoke this I asked him to pause, breathe, and re-evaluate; each time he settled and from there was able to either stay where he was or find the right next movement.
This shift was so small and subtle but it feels applicable to almost all of us: our tendency – via fast paced living, via frequently stressed nervous systems, via reaction versus response – has us making moves that often do not serve. When in doubt RUN has become a norm. Here is a Tiny Habit to take this idea into practice.

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