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Giving Thanks: Cultivating care and engagement | Community Constellation Event @PrayerFarm

Saturday, November 4th | 11:00am – 6:00pm PT

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, committing ourselves to a gratitude practice, simplification, and kindness are rebellious acts which contradict the rampant greed and ambivalence we’re all having to work with in these times.

Join us for a day of Constellation Work @Prayerfarm. Constellation Work untangles the knots of the past and opens clear pathways to the present and future so we can live in community, in depth, in service. Everyone’s work is everyone’s work. Bring what is tender, bring what is hard – we are in each other’s care. 

Systemic Constellation Work is an active group process for personal and collective healing and evolution. It loosens the control of our psychological minds, connects us to the wisdom of our body-minds, provides access to the roots of our capacities and limitations, and makes way for a depth and scope of transformation rarely experienced in traditional therapies. Constellation Work is a highly effective and efficient tool for growth and can be used on its own or as an adjunct to many modalities. It is a body based and experiential process and encourages us to “know” from our depths.

*Set a Constellation for $250

*Represent for $50

November 4, 2023 @ 11:00 am 6:00 pm PDT

Location: PrayerFarm

2260 Old Highway 99 S.
Ashland, OR United States
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Host: Alexis Alma


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