In every system there are natural, honest orders

There are so many righteous words that have been given a bad wrap and I think Hierarchy may be one. We work to disassemble false hierarchies – ones that oppress and diminish, that obstruct and obscure – yes, those are no’s. Also, humans tend to overgeneralize; “hierarchies are bad” being an example, but in every system there are natural, honest orders – Bert Hellinger called them the Orders of Love.

This month I invite you to take some minutes each day to observe where the orders of love/healthy hierarchies are in your environments, in nature, in your places of belonging. There is a deeply wise structure supporting all of life; wherever we ignore, forget, or exclude these structures, chaos and/or suffering usually ensues. As the wonder of life reactivates so enthusiastically this month, leaning into the structures of support that surround you may help you find fresh ground and create inspired order where needed. Here at The School of the New Work we also offer structures—regular places to gather, to dive deeply into personal and collective learning and growth—hope to see you up here @PrayerFarm (or @Alma’s Way, or in the wider community) sometime soon.

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