Let’s be excellent.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Let’s be excellent.

Habits are formed via practice and practice is what you do often—with attention and intention…or not. We become what we pay attention to, we are not victims to our habits, we create them. How? Repetition.

You are in-habit-ing or addicted to whatever you are addicted to because you do it often and your brain has built pathways that take you there with or without intention*—Remember the Talking Heads “How did I get here?” Well, via the neural networks you created, BUT you can interrupt patterns and habits that do not serve. It’s simple, not easy.

Interrupt yourself.
-Create alliances and friendships with beings that will also interrupt you-preferably with love and respect.
-Replace habits that do not serve with habits that do and stick to this for 40 days at least before you expect that auto-pilot brain action to take over and bring you there effortlessly.
-Love and forgive yourself when you fall asleep and actively offer this to those you know and love who also fall asleep.

Isn’t it weird how in this time when we are waking up so powerfully, the fall asleep forces are also so strong? Well, of course.

So, as a rebellious act, and contradiction to mediocre times, be excellent.

*I am not going to address TRAUMA in this writing but there is much available on this subject here: here’s the nutshell—yes you will, unconsciously/habitually return to places where trauma lives…yes, this is to heal, no it’s not often as effective as applying attention and intention to healing BUT it is how the human brain is wired—so, again, forgive yourself and others, and try conscious attention and intention to replace habits of re-traumatization…

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