what is an obligation


Does the word obligation cause discomfort in your body?

Let’s explore this…

At the end of our last workshop my friend and colleague Denai Grace Fuller channeled an important message:

We are the ones who are still here.

This work is not just important,

it’s our obligation.


I have been contemplating this word, its meaning and the concept of submitting to our obligations ever since.

Obligation is an expression of “what is”—it’s just a map for being in integrity with Life and all of the systems we are part of. Once we clear the squirm and shame and oops feelings we are all epigenetically imprinted with (via generations of disconnection; of “forgetting” our obligations,) there’s an uprising to heed our obligations from the inside out—whoa, this feels like such a potent and necessary movement for us.


You have an OBLIGATION. We all do.  

(Again, notice the discomfort or push back from your body in response to that statement…)

Well, humans, dismissing our obligations has us deeply uncomfortable with being reminded of something forgotten, imprinted, maybe a place where we cannot find our integrity (definitely a squirmy sensation for most…)

What are our obligations as the ones who are still here?

To the past?

To the present?

To the future?

What does obligation mean and how, over time and especially via a sick culture, has this word created a tweak in our systems which has led to NO

versus a righteous and embodied HELL YES?

There is such an important distinction between expectation and obligation.

Expectation comes from outside.

Obligation, well, it just is.

When we can reconcile this and find and learn to trust the internal compass that guides us towards our obligations, so much movement can happen.

And relief; we are built to be in integrity with Life—this is our obligation.

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