No Other

When you love someone there is no “other”. In Life Changing Hour, we connect to the Matrix of Love—in Love there is no separation so I am able to link in to your system and help you read the subtle and present moment messages you are resonating with. We are working with the matrix of connection that is always present.

Is this woo woo weirdness or is this real?

That is for you to decide. I am known to be a grounded, present, no nonsense helper. I love science and data; take a look at the overwhelming evidence supporting “oneness”—that humanity is a united ecosystem. Look at the overwhelming evidence related to attunement, that humans who spend time together line up bio-rhythmically, emotionally, spiritually, physiologically…

So, maybe, the weirdness is actually in what we’ve been told about how separate we are. Maybe what’s weird is that we do not actually, regularly feel the matrix, connect into it, and use it for access to deeper wisdom!

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