Life Changing Hour !?

Nothing actually needs changing… except our perception of who we really are.

-Lexi Delgado


Do you have someone in your life that can see you, fully witness you and recognize who you are, at your core?

For many of us, this quality of witness is rare, but for all of us, being seen in our essence and accurately reflected could be considered a requirement for our personal evolution.

Knowing ourselves, and being known at our depths, supports us in our capacity to dwell in freedom and love and deepest connection to Life itself.

Life Changing Hour is about being seen fully and deeply, about seeing others fully and deeply, and is the transformative tool of the work. This form of being and seeing becomes one’s personal practice in and out of sessions/ group time and is a powerful catalyst for rapid movement in our inner and outer worlds.

Accurate reflection goes beyond one’s psychology, one’s conditioning, one’s sense of Self… to a place of Truth and Sanctity that is our essence – to the I am.


Once we receive pure reflection of ourselves, our essence begins to grow itself on that superior “food” (versus the poor nourishment of shame or blame or the illumination of our many imperfections) and we begin to offer a similar quality of reflection out towards others.

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