Oh no, inflation…

Hello dear community,

How do we move into new ways of creating exchanges in an insanely inflated economy?

Money is still necessary for participation in the world as it is, and while there is a slow but steady movement away from money as our only currency, we have a long way to go…hopefully you know I am deeply committed to service regardless of your ability to pay. To take it further, I encourage you to make offers of exchange and barter in lieu of the exchange of money.  

 My rates are going up for private sessions as of December 31st, and all packages purchased prior to that date will be honored through April of 2023.

My new rates reflect “inflation”—first, the inflation of our economy in general, inflation of the value of certain things and the deflation of others—I am naming this as well as taking my place in the world as it is.  My rates also reflect the significant changes in running a small business since COVID—more cancellations due to illness, more last minute cancellations in general, more people paying via Paypal or Venmo who take a percentage of every payments. 

I do not love how much getting help costs. For those of us who operate in the economy as it is, my rate is “normal”, for everyone outside of that economy, please use my sliding scale or make an offer of trade or barter—please understand that if you make offers, I may not accept them if it is not something I need but I will still happily offer you my sliding scale if this is needed. To access the sliding scale or to suggest a trade please contact my assistant Abby—all that is required is that you determine where to put yourself on the scale, or make your offer. I am having Abby handle this as you will no longer be able to schedule a session without paying ahead. And do not want more admin tasks while we adapt (thank you in advance Abby!). So if you want to make alternative arrangements, she will need to send you an invoice for you to actually be able to schedule. Sliding scale makes a lot of people uncomfortable and this makes sense given how our economy functions in such a transactional manner. Please give what you can honestly and with respect for the full picture of your financial reality and the work that I do—this will also ensure you get the most out of our time. As energetic beings, we want balance, and if we feel out of balance we may not be able to fully receive what is available.

I am open to hearing your thoughts and sensings on all of this. Reach out any time. XX

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