Tiny Habits: Got NOTHING?


Do you spend a few minutes a day* intentionally doing nothing?

I do not mean scrolling or listening to music, I do not mean driving or hiking, or meditating or praying or writing checklists in your head.

I mean doing NOTHING at all, no input, no output, just being. Idle, quiet, still, purposeless…

Like meditation but different, doing nothing is an important ingredient to your health. Just letting your mind wander, staying still, offers an important reset for your mind. Unlike meditation, doing nothing has no rules except to do nothing… this is important because often we are evaluating, trying, or judging our skill at meditating… doing nothing, well, it’s nothing so there’s nothing to work at, try harder at, or succeed with—we need this like we need sleep.

I am not going to site studies here but there are many that have tracked the changes in our idleness over the last century and WHOA, it has pretty much disappeared… could the lack of NOTHING in our lives be correlated with our collective distress? Big fat maybe…

Try NOTHING, let me know how it goes. Remember, good habits change everything, small things add up.

*there’s research that says that 14 minutes a day of meditation is ideal, while this tiny habit could be called “non-meditation”, seems like a good timeframe so start with 5, work your way up to 15. Let me know how it goes. XX

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