Perfection or Mastery

Uprising in so many us– to explore and shift the impact of our own the violent and vicious patterns of perfectionism– has been a theme in my practice the last few weeks…imprints of our history; oppressive, capitalistic, patriarchal, outcome based, and fundamentally dishonoring of life’s organic movements… all internalized. All of us.

Woman, man, every spot between and beyond, we harm ourselves and each other by the violence of the requirement of perfection every.single.day.

While we are distracted by the sickness of perfection-seeking, this other, potent, life affirming possibility lies quietly right here ever-available, awaiting our attention.


Mastery is the antidote to perfection.

Mastery comes through honest, innate care of self and other.
This is the definition (my definition) of practice.

Mastery comes through practice.
Practice leads us to mastery.

Mastery is true, honest and possible.
Perfection is not.

Practice DOES NOT make perfect.

Need help with developing practices and guiding yourself towards mastery?
This is my work and service… and practice.

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